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Air Spray Gun>>Painting tank

£ £ Pressure feed series spray gun is used togetger with painting tank or diaphragm pump. It is with excellent pulverization function and fast painting speed and can save pain.
£ £ It can be used for painting primer and clear coat according to different nozzles.The spraying pattern can reach to 40cm at the distance of 20cm away from the working surface. It is the best tool ror large work-load and continuous spraying.

2L paint tank with high pressure spray gun
Paint tank with air reguator and ring-pull safety valve
Rated air pressure:22-43psi
Max air pressure:50psi

8L paint tank with high pressure spray gun
Paint tank with air regulator and ring-pull safety
valve,it with 12'of air and fluid hoses.
Rated air pressure:22-50psi




There are pressure regulating valve,safe valve and pressure steel which ensures corruption and is easily to be washed.The exterior of painting tank is done by space surface handle so it can be used for long time.
Two agitating ways:penumatics and hand-motion.
Pneumatic Agitation:PT-10A,PT-40A,PT-60A
Hand-operated Agitation:PT-10H,PT-20H,PT-40H,PT-60H
Rated Air Pressure:22-50psi
Max Air Pressure:80psi
Mixing type:Automatic/hand

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