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Jigsaw Blades & Sabre Saw Blades>>Sabre Saw Blades

HCS sabre saw blades are specially adapted for wood working in terms of hardness and resistance.
They are als highly suitable for other,relatively soft materials,
AEG,Black & Decker,Bosch,Dewalt, Elu, Fein, Flex, Skil Hitachi, Holz-Her, Makita, Metabo, Miford, Millers-Fails, Milwaukee, Porter Cable,Rems, Ridgid,Rockwell, Roller.






Item No. Size:
Length¡Áwidth ¡ÁThickness
Tooth distance. (Teeth/inch) Material Application
S617K 150¡Á19¡Á1.25mm 8.5mm.3T HCS Idea for coarse wood,free of nails(20-100mm),puning green wood(dia.<100mm).*Especially for curved cuts/plunge cuts
S644D 150¡Á19¡Á1.25mm 4.3mm.3T HCS Idea for construction timber(6-100mm),wooden panels(<75mm),boards;chip MDF(6-60mm),plywood, plywood,plastic(6-100mm)*Especially for plunge cuts
S1617K 300¡Á19¡Á1.25mm 8.5mm.3T HCS Idea for coarse wood ,free of nails(2-250mm),pruning green wood (dia.<20-175mm)
S1111K 225¡Á19¡Á1.25mm 8.5mm.3T HSS Idea for coarse wood ,free of nails(2-1750mm), fuel wood (dia.<20-175mm)
S1542K 240¡Á19¡Á1.25mm 8.5mm.3T HSS Idea for fuel wood , damp wood(dia.<15-190mm)
S1531L 240¡Á19¡Á1.25mm 5.0mm.3T HSS Idea for Coarse,fast cuts in wood(tree cutting and pruning)



Item No. Size:
Length¡Áwidth ¡ÁThickness
Tooth distance. (Teeth/inch) Material Application
S918A 150¡Á16¡Á0.8mm 1mm.24T HSS Idea for thin sheet metal(1-3)fine.closed pipes/profiles(dia.5-100)
S918B 150¡Á16¡Á0.8mm 1.8mm.14T HCS Idea fot medium thick sheet metal(2-8)fine.closed pipes/profiles(dia.10-100)
S918E 150¡Á16¡Á0.8mm 1.4mm.18T HCS Idea for thin sheet metal(1.5-4fine.closed pipes/profiles(dia.5-100)
S918H 150¡Á16¡Á0.8mm 2.5mm.10T HCS Idea fot metal(5-10mm) pipes aluminium profiles(dia.3-12mm)pallrts

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